Welcome to My Blog!

Hi & welcome to this little corner of my life!

I started my blog for the first time back in 2017. I had no plan or vision of what I was trying to accomplish nor had any idea how much work really went into blogging. All I knew was I love a good outfit. I was playing college golf at the time and it was a struggle to be present, get pictures, etc. I also feared judgement from other people, but if you enjoy something why not do it? I stopped posting for awhile and then really wanted to get back into it. I’m already going to wear the outfit so why not share it? Maybe it’ll give a girl a little inspo.

Back Story

When I was little I would always get in trouble for changing outfits multiple times a day and then throwing them in the dirty clothes. I wouldn’t even leave the house. My dad would tell me to clean my room from the mess I made so I would just stuff all my clothes under my bed. Safe to say I’ve always had a thing with clothes. Haha! #oops

I graduated in May 2018 and moved to Dallas in August 2018. I love Dallas! I work a 9-5 in Healthcare. Sales girl by day, blogger by night. I decided in 2021 I was going to be more consistent with my blog and see where it takes me!

I strive for my blog to inspire others through my daily outfits, decor, and styling tips. I’m very petite, so finding clothes that fit has always been a challenge. I hope to spread the word on my favorite petite-friendly brands and to always give my best fashion finds!


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