Beauty Gift Guide


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1. Huda Beauty Foundation: Everyone has been raving about this. If you love full coverage, this is a must have! Go watch Jaclyn Hill or Nikkitutorials Youtube videos and you will catch the drift.

2. JH Morphe Eyeshadow Palette: I ordered Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe palette once it came out and I love it! She launched her Vault kit which broke them up into color schemes. Only $15 each. So so worth it.

3. Stilla Liquid Lipstick: I have & love this! This set is on sale for Black Friday and the colors are amazing! $66 value. On sale for $39.

4. It Cosmetics Heart Brush: I was in Ulta the other day and picked up this brush. I legit didn’t want to stop petting it bc it is the softest brush ever.  And it’s heart-shaped. Perfect, I know.

5. GlamGlow Masks: Everyone is loving these, I’m going to order and see what the hype is about!

6. Versace Perfume: I have worn this since my freshman year in college. That is 5 years strong peeps… #dedication

7. Becca Cheek Kit: Perfect travel highlight and blush kit!

8. Tarte Concealer: Ok ppl. If you order anything off this gift guide, it should be this. Once again I will say watch Youtube videos and you will know. This is seriously the best concealer money can buy.

9. Jaclyn Hill Brush Kit: These brushes are a great set and super soft. If you can’t tell I love Jaclyn Hill…

10. Mario Badescu Setting Spray: All natural ingredients and make for a great setting spray! Only $5

11. Revlon Matte Liquid Lipstick: So I may have lied earlier and said if you buy one thing buy the Tarte concealer, but these make take the cake. I honestly haven’t found anything that will stay on for long periods of time like these. 100% these are better than any Mac lipstick I have tried. So cheap and so so worth it.

These are some of the best gifts during the holidays. Black Friday is coming up quit so grab them while you can!

What are some beauty products you’ve been loving?




Juice Organics

IMG_5216IMG_5219IMG_5215IMG_5208IMG_5203IMG_5217IMG_5205IMG_5214Outfit 1: Top: Romeo + Juliet Leggings: Target Outfit 2: Top: BB Dakota, similar Jeans: SP Black

Juice Organics is a brand I’ve been loving lately and I wanted to share my experience with y’all! The thing I love the most about this brand is that it is completely organic. My parents have been 100% everything organic for about the past 5 years so I have learned a lot about how different products/foods etc. are not good for us. Chemicals in hair products is one. Juice Organics hydrates with coconut oil, soy proteins, and vitamin B5 to give your hair a boost of replenishing moisture. It is formulated without petrochemical-derived ingredients. It treats your hair with antioxidant-rich organic botanical juices, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to revitalize hair and enhance shine for beautiful and healthy looking results.

I have colored my hair one time in my life and it was last year. I was feeling something new & different so I colored my hair a deep red. I will be honest, I actually loved it… but it faded so quick, was pretty pricey, & I know it wasn’t healthy for my hair. So now this is my natural hair color and I plan on keeping it 😉 I’m not the best at getting regular hair cuts and doing hair masks like I should so I got this repairing combination to treat the damage I did to my hair. It really did repair and strengthen my hair! So I finally quit being lazy and decided to try out the Repairing Hair Mask and I’m so glad I did. It nourishes your weakened hair, replenishes it and leaves it feeling extra clean. After I used the mask and dried my hair it felt strong and was so shiny. You can visibly and physically tell a difference. I didn’t want to stop touching it bc it was so soft. I don’t think I’m going to be skipping doing hair masks anymore!

They also have Smoothing, Color Protect, and Volumizing shampoo and conditioners as well. I think I will be trying the volumizing one next! I highly recommend this brand for all of your hair needs. Who doesn’t want to have luscious shiny locks after every wash? I know I do!

With the holidays right around the corner this would be a great gift for family and friends. They are also sold at Target! Shop them here.

Let me know what you think if you try it out for yourself 🙂


Thank you to Juice Organics for sponsoring this post.