My Holiday Wish List


  1. Steve Madden Heels – go with everything!
  2. Fur Coat – on sale
  3. Gucci Belt – want this is in taupe!
  4. Chestnut Knee High Boots – best selling staple from Goodnight Macaroon
  5. Beanie – starting to love red a lot more all of a sudden!?
  6. Heart Drop Earrings – love this trend
  7. Pink Beanie – so cute and cozy
  8. Black Skinny Jeans – somehow I don’t own a black pair of jeans anymore?!
  9. Boohoo Sweater – only $15! can’t wait for this to come in the mail!
  10. X Bracelet – only $20
  11. Spanx Leggings – pricey but I’ve heard they are so worth it!
  12. Kendra Scott Earrings – perfect holiday earrings!
  13. Red Earrings– $5
  14. Marc Fisher Booties – my favorite brand ever! Love these 🙂
  15. Tory Burch Tote – I’ve been looking for a good tote that is a good price. This is it!


I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday with their family!


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