My Experience with Shein


Hey babes! 

I wanted to share all about my experience with Shein with you guys today! I’ve recieved a lot of questions about if purchasing from them is worth it. Everyone immediately doubts if they are a ‘real’ site or not just by seeing all the really low prices. They have SO many items on their website and all things trending, too!

Pricing: Like I said above, the prices are crazy low. This is because they are knock-off items made with cheaper material. Some are amazing steals and others aren’t worth spending a $1 for. It’s really about choosing the right items, reading reviews, and taking a little chance. A lot of the items that are more expensive on the site like $18-$38 range, sometimes do seem to be the more higher quality. Mostly bc they are thicker material items like sweaters, fur vests, etc. So don’t be afraid to order something that is in that price range.

Quality: The saying, “You get what you pay for” isn’t always right with Shein. I ordered this top in my last order and it was not the best quality and also not cute on me at all. I don’t recommend. However, I got a knockoff Nordstrom sweater for $18… not a soul could tell it was different. The more you order from Shein, the more you can tell what’s going to be better quality or not. For the most part, all of my items have held up!

Sizing: Mostly everything has fit me true to size. I have only had one experience where a dress I ordered was really big and boxy. I order an XS is just about everything on Shein.

Shipping: They offer free express shipping on orders over $99. I did this on my last order and it was so worth it! I received it within 5 days. Shein always offers new deals about standard shipping, the good thing is it’s usually always free. If you aren’t placing a big order and choose standard shipping if may take 10 days or so. They are based out of China so it does take longer than your normal delivery.

Returns: I have returned a couple things to Shein that were poor quality. Under the “My Orders” tab on the website there is a link beside the items you have purchased to return. It gives you a shipping label to send back what you don’t want. It’s super easy, so don’t be afraid to purchase something you want wondering if it’s worth it or not. If it isn’t good or you don’t like it, just send it back using the return label!

IMG_6965Dress: Shein Shoes: Marc Fisher Watch: Marc Jacobs Bracelet: David Yurman Purse: Kelly Wynne

I was nervous about this dress with it being white, but it’s a cotton material and so comfy! Good quality, worth the purchase for $13!!

Processed with VSCO with a1 presetDress: Shein Shoes: Marc Fisher Earrings: Rocksbox (code: ‘simplicityandmoorexoxo’ for your first month free!)

OK this dress is my absolute favorite purchase… it’s the cutest thing ever! The material, sizing, and fit is so good. It’s a must have for $17!

IMG_6968Dress: Shein Shoes: Sole Society Earrings: Shein

Perfect Dress. $13. Earrings- $4 to add the best pop of color. You need it all.

IMG_6974Dress: Shein Hat: Betsy Johnson Sunglasses: Amazon 

I never really buy maxi dresses bc I’m so short. I got this one to try for $13 and surprisingly it worked! The material is stretchy and really lightweight. It literally feels like a night gown, not kidding!

IMG_6978Top: Shein Skirt: Shein Shoes: Steve Madden (my fave!) Purse: Tory Burch

I questioned if I would wear this top bc it is so different. But this is one I saw so many girls post pictures with it on & they all looked so good! It’s great material so if you like it, purchase bc it will sell out! I got a size small in this skirt, it fits me, but it does run a little small. I usually wear a 0-2 so I would size up if you are in between.

My Advice: Always read the reviews and look at pictures girls have uploaded of them wearing the item. It is so so helpful! I will try to update my photos and review on the website as well so if you want to order something I put on my blog, you can see it there too. Usually if multiple people comment saying it’s cheap and bad material, I won’t purchase. Although, there has been a comment or two saying the item is not worth buying, and I end up loving the item. It really is more so taking a chance, but I think it’s so worth it!

I purchased so many dresses in this order bc they are so easy to throw on & super cute! I am on a dress kick for some reason… you can never have too many dresses, right?!

Let me know if you have anymore questions about Shein or my purchases! I will continue buying from Shein and you should give them a try if you haven’t yet! I will be posting more pictures on my blog soon from this shoot and on Instagram. So be sure to follow me! @simplicityandmoore

I hope everyone had a fun & safe Spring Break!

In no way in this sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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